Falkirk MP says mail users will pay for sell-off

Mr Connarty at Grangemouth recently
Mr Connarty at Grangemouth recently
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Falkirk East MP Michael Connarty has described the sell-off of Royal Mail shares as a ‘set-up’.

Backing the Communication Workers Union’s decision to ballot for a strike in opposition to the Coalition’s plans, he said seven out of ten people were against the privatisation.

Mr Connarty, organising secretary of the CWU Group of MPs, said: “This is only part one of a plan to destroy the idea of a universal obligation to deliver postal services to all parts of the UK for the same price. The Mail Privatisation Act does not even protect the cost of first class post. Only second class letters must cost the same wherever they go in the UK.”

“It is a set-up, so that future private owners can apply to a minister to be allowed to carve up the service into profitable city-based areas and dump the costly, sparsely populated or more remote areas on to expensive, regional or district-based.”

Mr Connarty criticised the government for selling off shares at a time when the Royal Mail is now in profit.

He said: “It has been the workforce that has helped modernise the mail service, including absorbing 60,000 jobs losses while the bosses have taken millions in bonuses for the jobs they cut.

“A future UK Government must change the present Act to stop anyone removing the safeguards that are in the Act - then the work must start to rebuild a public mail and parcels service that every community and business deserves,”

Mr Connarty also warned that a Scotland-only mail service would lose out on the large English conurbations, which produce the profits that help keep down the cost of post to rural areas.

In a consultative ballot carried out in June 2013, with a 74 per cent turnout, 96 per cent opposed privatisation, 92 perc cent supported a boycott of competitors’ mail which they are cuttently obliged to carry if asked.