Falkirk MP’s concern as Ineos looks south to fill vacancies

East Falkirk MP Michael Connarty says there is an atmosphere of fear at Ineos
East Falkirk MP Michael Connarty says there is an atmosphere of fear at Ineos

Scores of Welsh workers could be flocking north to Ineos in Grangemouth in the coming weeks.

The petrochemical giant has lost a number of experienced employees in the last year and is looking to address this with a recruitment drive in Wales this week.

The initiative is targeting over 300 workers left jobless following the closure of the Murco refinery in Milford Haven.

Ineos had not responded to The Falkirk Herald’s question about how many posts they were looking to fill as the newspaper went to press.

But East Falkirk MP Michael Connarty fears morale, along with staffing levels, at the site has dipped to an all time low.

Mr Connarty said: “People could be travelling into our area to take jobs, while people from our area are moving away from those jobs for employment elsewhere.

“I think it’s an indication of what is happening at the plant. The real reason workers are leaving is the atmosphere at the site.

“There are workers who are even scared to talk to the Health and Safety Executive about it because they feel they will be sacked.”

Last week Ineos reached an agreement with Unite over the union’s recruitment of new starts at the Grangemouth plant. The deal paved the way for recruits to join Unite if they choose from the start of 2015 onwards.

Mr Connarty said: “Workers are definitely not as happy working there as they have been before. I think there is something seriously wrong with the management style.”