Falkirk MP Joyce tells paper of troubled past

Joyce gave an interview to the Mail on Sunday
Joyce gave an interview to the Mail on Sunday

Disgraced Falkirk MP Eric Joyce is back in the news today.

Eight weeks ago he was convicted of four counts of assault following an incident in a House of Commons bar in which headbutted a fellow MP.

That, coupled with several other unsavoury incidents over the years, led to The Falkirk Herald to write an open letter calling on Mr Joyce to resign.

But, while he quit the Labour Party, he vowed to continue as an MP until the next General Election.

He has been relatively quiet since then but has now given an interview to the Mail in Sunday, published today.

In it he admits to being involved in up to 100 fights over the years – giving graphic accounts of two of them – and tells of stealing cars as a teenager.

Referring to the incident that ended with him in the dock, he admits he was on the ‘‘rampage’’ and he also gives detailed information on the best way to deliver a headbutt.

Although no longer a Labour member, the interview will not go down well with party officials coming less than two weeks before crucial local government elections.