Falkirk model takes heed of safety advice

Sharon Laird is set to appear in London Fashion Week
Sharon Laird is set to appear in London Fashion Week

A model from Falkirk is heading to the bright lights of London to take part in Fashion Week – with the help of a safety conscious model school.

Falkirk based Aspire And Inspire Model School aims to teach young and naive models necessary safety practices and model Sharon Laird (24) said safety is a “big deal” in the industry.

Sharon will be appearing on the House of Ikons Stage at the Hilton Hotel in Paddington as part of fashion week and said it’s a big step forward in her career.

She said: “Safety is a big deal in the modelling world and I have to inform my agent of any shoots I have planned and contact them before and after every shoot to ensure that I’m ok.

“It’s important to research anyone you plan to work with to ensure that they are legit. If I’m unsure about a shoot, my agent is willing to come along with me to provide support.”

Susan Marshall is the managing director and started the school two years ago, with the aim of creating a safer environment for all models to work in Scotland.

She said: “Since then, our free of charge school has naturally evolved, with models requesting further help and training within all of the fields.

“We have now grown to a point where we are one of the largest such schools in the UK, with models travelling the breath of Scotland in order to seek out our council and to gain our valuable training methods.

“Despite our most valiant attempts, we have received no financial help at all. It seems that in order to receive this from most commercial sponsors and government bodies.

“You need to be either a designer or a makeup artist for example but there is nothing available for Scottish models breaking new grounds. And without the models neither the designers or the makeup artists can show their crafts at all.

“So we are now at the eleventh hour and pleading for financial backing or sponsorship for this venture.”

She said the team heading to London intend to do both Falkirk and Scotland proud when they take their place on the runway.