Falkirk man’s quest for waste-free society

Les Wallace is starting a new anti-waste campaign. Picture: Alan Murray
Les Wallace is starting a new anti-waste campaign. Picture: Alan Murray

A passionate and committed environmentalist is organising an anti-waste campaign he hopes will help educate the nation on recycling.

Les Wallace from Westquarter has drawn up detailed plans to rid communities and town centres of litter and fly-tipping and educating current and future generations on how to recycle waste in a way that will benefit society economically and socially.

While current education on waste and recycling targets are improving, Mr Wallace believes it could be better through his campaign called 6R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Re-employ, Re-educate, Re-wild.

The 48-year-old, who has worked in the recycling industry, organises various wildlife and recycling events locally and drove the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s recycling policy, said: “I think there has been a lost opportunity for creating new employment from the application of reuse and recycle.

“I think education has to be at the heart of any policy. Children are being taught about recycling and waste management in schools, but we still see them throwing litter away after school and at breaks.

“This new 6R organisation will not only take an objective look at where strategies don’t work, but we will also propose ones that do. There’s plenty of scope for new ideas.”

Anyone interested in joining the 6R campaign can contact Mr Wallace on les@wallacerecyc.fslife.co.uk.

Mr Wallace is hoping to set up local meetings to get the campaign going.

He is keen to work with community groups or charities which are looking for new sources of funding, even if they do not have a particular interest in waste reduction.

Work the group is proposing to carry out includes a comprehensive study of school education on waste; exploring ways to give communities added incentives to recycle; promoting and increasing recycling; preventing marine pollution.