Falkirk live-savers net police awards

Heroes James Queen (left) and Graham Sneddon
Heroes James Queen (left) and Graham Sneddon

Three heroes who saved lives have been honoured by for their “decisive actions”.

James Queen, Graham Sneddon and Scott Coventry received recognition at Central Scotland Police’s annual awards ceremony where the hard work of local officers and staff was also praised.

Mr Coventry (28) was awarded the Chief Constable’s Commendation for giving first aid to a man who had severe self-inflicted facial wounds and was losing large amounts of blood.

He came across the 29-year-old victim in Bainsford’s Mungal Road on October 21 last year after spotting a smashed window on a house.

He covered the injury with his bare hands to stem the flow of blood until an ambulance arrived.

Doctors said the man would have died but for Mr Coventry’s quick thinking.

Mr Queen and Mr Sneddon, both from Brightons, received a humanitarian commendation for saving the day last June when 52-year-old support worker Yvonne Kenny, from Brightons, lay in the Spar shop at Brightons Cross after suffering a major heart attack.

Mr Sneddon (46), a former prison manager who lives near the shop and was in it at the time of Ms Kenny’s collapse, stepped up and started giving her CPR before telesales adviser Mr Queen (52), also of Brightons, stepped in to help.

The pair then worked together to keep her alive while waiting for an ambulance and Ms Kenny has since made a full recovery through treatment.

Mr Sneddon, who also received a meritorious award from the prison service for disarming an inmate with a knife who had set himself on fire, said: “I saw many incidents and had to give CPR working in the prison service for 20 years.

“Hopefully I won’t need to do it again, but I see Yvonne around the village from time to time and she looks like she’s doing well.

“Myself and James don’t look for any awards but it’s a nice thing. It’s great that the police stage these awards for their staff. At the ceremony it was the first time I had missed being out of uniform.”

Chief Constable Derek Penman said: “These three people should be proud of their decisive actions. They have all shown that members of the public can make a real difference by taking positive steps to help those in need and save lives.”