Falkirk Labour candidate withdraws from race

Karie Murphy
Karie Murphy

The potential Labour candidate at the centre of allegations of selection-fixing in Falkirk has said she is withdrawing from the race.

Karie Murphy, who was backed by union Unite, has said she is quitting the selection process “with great sadness”.

Earlier this year, concerns were raised that there had been vote rigging in the selection process to find a Labour candidate to stand for Falkirk seat in the 2015 Westminster election.

Ms Murphy and Falkirk constituency party chairman Stevie Deans were both suspended pending an investigation.

But it has now been announced by Labour that both have been reinstated by the part after if was found neither they nor any organisation or individual had breached party rules.

Ms Murphy said in a statement posted on MP Tom Watson’s blog: “Developments in Falkirk have left me shocked and saddened but I have acted throughout in what I believe was in the interest of the Party.

“I believe that my continued presence in the Falkirk arena detracts from achieving that goal.

“It is therefore, with great sadness that I must withdraw my name from any consideration to be the Labour Party candidate for Falkirk.

Labour has already announced that the Falkirk candidate will be selected from an all-women list.