Falkirk killer cut prostitute’s throat after cocaine binge

Steven Mathieson has admitted killing a prostitute in his home and raping two others
Steven Mathieson has admitted killing a prostitute in his home and raping two others

A seemingly happy family man turned into a debauched killer in his home in Falkirk after getting high on cocaine.

Steven Raymond Mathieson murdered prostitute Luciana Maurer before raping two other escorts in front of the dead victim in frenzied and unprovoked attacks in December last year.

Mathieson, a 38-year-old car salesman, stabbed Miss Maurer a total of 44 times, including cutting her throat.

The other two victims managed to escape his clutches naked and raise the alarm through neighbours in Springfield Drive in the quiet Rosebank area.

Car salesman Mathieson was said to have been of “impeccable character” before the incident with a doting partner and two children.

However, the sleazy dad-of-two hid a dark secret as he used sex phone lines to lure the women to his home on December 4 while his girlfriend was on a work’s Christmas night out and one of his young children slept in the next room.

The first offender now faces life in jail after he pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow today to murder and rape.

Mathieson, a sales manager with Arnold Clark, was remanded in custody and will return to the dock next month.

The court heard how Mathieson spent the day of the killing out with family enjoying Christmas shopping.

He later went for a meal with his children while his partner of 10 years went on her night out.

Mathieson – described as being his “normal self” - then dropped one of his children at his gran’s before returning to the house with his younger son.

He sent a text to his girlfriend stating: “Have a good night. Love you”.

But, soon after getting back and putting his boy to bed, Mathieson phoned to arrange for sex while his partner was out and Romanian-born Luciana Maurer showed up at his house at around 11 p.m. having only arrived in Scotland a few days earlier having moved up from London.

Within minutes she was dead.

Mathieson then sent a text to his partner saying: “Sorry xx”.

The court heard Miss Maurer had defensive-type injuries suggesting she had tried to fend off her burly killer.

The two other vice girls Mathieson contacted then arrived at his home unaware of the bloodbath inside.

When they turned up, they could see Mathieson casually sitting on his couch in the living room. He then cooly answered the door and lead the oblivious pair upstairs.

Describing the horror that then met them, Prosecutor Jane Farquharson said: “Mathieson went into the bedroom first. He put on the light and hung back at the door whilst the women walked in.

“As soon as they entered the bedroom, they saw the deceased, lying on her back and on top of the double bed.”

Crazed Mathieson then grabbed two knives from a set of drawers before blocking the door.

Both women froze in terror at what was happening. One begged Mathieson to let them go but he grabbed their mobile phones and flung them away.

He first tormented the women by stroking them with the knives then threatening to kill them if they did not bow to his sick demands.

Mathieson’s two rape victims were in court and sat just a few feet away from their attacker. One of the women left in distress as the grim facts of their ordeal was read out before returning to join her friend.

Miss Farquharson said: “He told both to remove their clothing and to dance for him. In fear of what he might do and, with the body of the deceased lying on the bed in front of them, each did as they were told.”

Mathieson went on to rape the pair – including attacking one after ordering her to lie beside Luciana.

The pair, aged 26 and 22, were trapped in the bedroom for 10 minutes before he ordered them downstairs.

Once there, Mathieson continued to humiliate the petrified women and also raped them again.

Miss Farquharson said: “Over the course of the assault in the living room, he told them that his son was asleep in the bedroom upstairs.

“He appeared to have an awareness of what he had done advising both: ‘I’m going to be many years in prison because I killed that girl. I’ve done this to show my wife something’.”

Mathieson then went to a window thinking his partner had returned. Sensing an opportunity to escape, the women raced for the door.

Mathieson gave chase – striking one on the leg with a knife – but the naked pair managed to get out in fear of their lives.

They ran to a nearby flat where a woman there came to their aid.

Miss Farquharson said: “Both repeatedly stated their thanks and asked for help. They were crying and appeared to be terrified.”

After the women escaped, Mathieson dialled 999 himself and told the operator: “I’ve been high on drugs and I’ve killed a prostitute.

“Tell the officers I am not aggressive. I’m sitting on the couch. I had two other girls, but I’ve let them go.”

Mathieson was still sitting in his living room when police turned up. He got down on his knees and held out his hands when officers arrested him.

At around 2 a.m., Mathieson’s partner – clueless as to what had gone on in her absence – arrived back having enjoyed her night out.

Miss Farquharson explained: “On seeing the police presence, she was described as hysterical.”

The hearing today was interrupted at one point as Mathieson began crying hysterically and loudly retching as if he was going to be sick.

In what is rarely seen in court, his QC Donald Findlay then left his own seat to sit beside Mathieson in the dock to speak to him briefly before the case continued.

No reason was given for the killing and rapes, but it is believed Mathieson’s drug problem may have been a factor.

In the spring of last year, he had started attending Cocaine Anonymous having built up a large debt.

His girlfriend was not aware of the drug habit until finding out about the cash he owed.

Mr Findlay said, before these crimes, Mathieson had been of “impeccable character”, but that he now accepted “full responsibility” for what went on.

Judge Lord Bannatyne deferred sentencing until May 7 in Livingston.