Falkirk Herald fund for Farah to be split

Farah Javed with her uncle Rev. Aftab Gohar in Pakistan in April last year
Farah Javed with her uncle Rev. Aftab Gohar in Pakistan in April last year

A fund set up to bring a woman paralysed by a terrorist bomb to the UK for treatment is to be split between her family and charity.

Tragically, Farah Javed died in January, weeks before she hoped to travel.

She had been seriously injured in the terrorist bombing of All Saints’ Church in Peshawar, Pakistan in September 2013.

Her uncle, the Rev. Aftab Gohar, minister of Abbotsgrange Parish Church in Grangemouth, also lost his mother, niece, nephew and several other family members in the attack which 127 killed and left hundreds injured.

The Falkirk Herald launched an appeal, initially with the intention of raising enough money to bring Farah to Scotland for treatment to help her walk again.

Her case was reviewed and doctors said nothing could be done. But last September, medical experts at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital agreed to assess her in the hope some form of rehabilitation could improve her quality of life.

Farah (24), who had trained as a beautician before being paralysed, died the day before she was to finalise the paper work for her and her mother, Robina Shaheen, to come to the UK.

Over £10,000 has been raised by Falkirk Herald readers and, after discussions, it has been agreed that the money will be split with her family and UNICEF, the United Nation’s children’s charity.

Anyone who wishes their donation to be returned or who wishes all of their money to go towards one of the causes is asked to contact The Falkirk Herald on (01324) 690243 as soon as possible.

Editor Colin Hume said: “Tragically, the fund that so many readers contributed to is no longer needed for its original purpose. After much deliberation, we have decided that this is the best course of action.

“However, we respect that some people who gave so generously to the original cause may not wish their money used in this way and will be happy to return this if they get in touch.”

At the time of Farah’s death, her uncle said: “Everyone was looking forward to her coming here, but sadly she didn’t get an opportunity to do it. We are all devastated.”

A large amount of the money raised came from a fundraising dinner organised by Grangemouth 1333 (Spitfire) Squadron Air Cadets, who have the Rev. Gohar as padre.