Falkirk Herald appeal to bring bombing victim to Scotland

Farah Javed (23) who was paralysed in a church bombing in Pakistan
Farah Javed (23) who was paralysed in a church bombing in Pakistan
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A heartbroken minister is appealing for help to bring his badly injured niece to Scotland for vital treatment.

Now The Falkirk Herald is calling on the community to rally round to support his efforts to help the 23-year-old walk again.

The Reverend Aftab Gohar lost several relatives, including his mother, in last month’s church bombing in Pakistan.

Many other family and friends were badly injured.

His niece, Farah Javed, has been paralysed from the waist down.

With little hope of proper treatment or rehabilitation in their home country, Mr Gohar is desperate she be brought to Scotland where he believes she will have a better chance of getting the help she needs.

The Church of Scotland minister returned to his congregation at Abbotsgrange Church in Grangemouth this week after spending time with grieving relatives in Pakistan.

He said: “There is no treatment in Peshawar for her and I don’t want to leave her in this state. I’m praying we can do something.”

The Rev. Aftab Gohar is now asking people to help his tragic niece who was left paralysed by the suicide bombing on a Christian church in Pakistan.

At the moment she can only lie in a hospital bed in a sparsely equipped ward following the terror attack on All Saints’ Church in Peshawar on September 22.

Mr Gohar lost his mother, Iqbal (79), in the bombing, along with his 11-year-old nephew and nine-year-old niece. Two uncles, cousins and friends also perished in the atrocity which left 122 dead and around 170 injured.

He was inducted as the preacher at Abbotsgrange Church in Grangemouth in 2010 two years after bringing his wife Samina and sons, Shahan (17) and Zeeshan (16), to Scotland.

After learning of the tragedy the minister and his wife flew back to Pakistan where they found many relatives and friends had been killed or maimed.

Mr Gohar said: “In the government hospital they only covered people’s wounds with bandages and sent them home. A nephew is now in a private hospital where he has had four operations to treat his shattered arm.

“But many people cannot afford this. People are really struggling and it is tragic to see.”

He has brought copies of his niece’s medical records back to Scotland which he hopes to show to doctors here in the hope that treatment can be arranged for her.

Mr Gohar added: “I thank everyone for all their messages and prayers. It means a lot to all my family.

“Now I am asking them to do what they can for my niece.”

The Falkirk Herald is launching an appeal to help bring Farah Javed to Scotland for treatment. Although it is hoped that her medical care will be provided, bringing her to Scotland and expenses while here will have to be met.

To pledge your support and give details of any fundraising plans, e-mail editorial@falkirkherald.co.uk or call (01324) 690234.

Offering his support Angus MacDonald, Falkirk East MSP, said: “I am clearly saddened to hear of the Reverend Gohar’s recent tragic news. I would be pleased to assist in any way I can and firstly will highlight the plight of his niece to the Scottish Government in the hope that assistance can be given.”