Falkirk has poor air quality

Scots are set to benefit from better air quality thanks to ambitious new emissions targets approved by the EU.

With air pollution causing 3500 premature deaths in the country every year, it was bad news for Falkirk, as it has some of the worst quality air in Scotland.

The law states that if a local authority finds any places where targets are unlikely to be met, it must declare an Air Quality Management Area there.

Falkirk is one of 14 authorities that has an active AQMA. Sites in the centre, Grangemouth, Haggs and Banknock are all under observation.

Labour MEP Catherine Stihler voted this week on a range of ambitious measures to cut dangerous pollutants that contribute to pollution.

These include, binding emissions targets for 2025 and 2030, specific measures to protect vulnerable people, a greater say for local councils and enhanced public consultation.

She said: “These ambitious new measures will have a direct impact on public health by cutting pollutants in areas like Falkirk.”