Falkirk hairdresser’s expansion plans cut off

Anthony Tweedie and Connie Marshall feel they have had no support from Falkirk Council
Anthony Tweedie and Connie Marshall feel they have had no support from Falkirk Council
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A hairdresser is getting snippy with council officials because their decision to sell off a neighbouring property cut off her expansion plans.

Connie Marshall had been looking to expand the business, Tweedie & Marshall Hairdressers in 48 Vicar Street, Falkirk, which she co-owns with Anthony Tweedie, but Falkirk Council chose to place the property at 46 Vicar Street on the open market last year and sold it to the highest bidder.

She said: “They say they are trying to encourage young people to start up businesses and then they treat us like this.”

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Tweedie & Marshall, nominated as best new business in the last Falkirk Herald Business Awards, had been split between the two properties, with Connie and Anthony leasing 48 Vicar Street from landlord David McBeth and paying rent on number 46 to Falkirk Council.

“When we heard they were going to sell number 46 last year, David and I each put a bid in for it, but we were unsuccessful. The council said they went with the highest bidder.

“Why would someone want to buy half a shop when there were two other premises in the street on the market at the same time?”

Mr McBeth added: “It seems Falkirk Council is following a policy which they drive through regardless of the implications for existing businesses.”

The furious hairdresser tried to appeal the decision, but the property was sold in August last year.

However, she said she will not let the setback hurt her business.

“We are trying to grow our business and Falkirk Council has not helped us at all. We have still managed to get where we are by ourselves.

“This will make us even more determined to make this business even more successful.”

Douglas Duff, Falkirk Council’s head of economic development, said: “All marketing of property by Falkirk Council follows strict guidelines with the aim of securing best value for the council tax payer.

“The council considered its decision in this matter very carefully and agreed to accept the highest offer for the property.”