Falkirk girls sheds locks to help charity

A brave 11-year-old girl sacrified her crowning glory at the weekend to help those who need it.

Falkirk’s Rebecca Leishman smiled as 24 inches of hair were clipped away from her head during her own charity fundraiser on Saturday.

Ross sets to work on Rebecca's hair

Ross sets to work on Rebecca's hair

And the determined youngster, who only made up her mind about the haircut a few weeks ago, has already raised over £800 for Strathcarron Hospice and sent 19 inches of hair off to wig-makers at The Little Princess Trust.

Rebecca said: “I’m really happy that my hair is going where it can be useful.

“I’m happy with my hair the way it is now. I’ve got more time in the morning because I don’t have to brush it.

“It’s also better when I do tae kwon do.”

She went on: “I really wanted to do a sky dive to raise money but my mum said no, so getting my hair shaved was the next thing that popped 
in to my head.

“Everyone at school knew I was getting it done and they all started clapping when I walked into class on Monday.”

The St Andrew’s Primary pupil, who lives in Weir Street, only informed her mum Suzanne of her plans six weeks ago.

Suzanne said: “I told her there was no way she was doing a skydive, but when she mentioned this she was very determined.

“She had such long, beautiful hair, but we started looking into it and there were no problems about her doing it.

“Rebecca had heard people in the family talk about the care her papa received at Strathcarron Hospice, which was brilliant, so she decided to fundraise for them. He died 20 years ago, so Rebecca never knew him, but she really wanted to do this.”

Rebecca said goodbye to her locks on Saturday, with the help of Renella’s creative director Ross Miller.

Suzanne said: “I did the first cut, but my hands were shaking. Ross was brilliant with her. I’m fit to burst I’m so proud. She’s so selfless, so caring.

“She smiled the whole way through it and she has never stopped smiling since.”

Rebecca was cheered on by mum, dad Andrew and little sister Paige (4).

She added: “It is a bit colder when it’s windy, but I really like it.”

To make a donation to Rebecca’s fundraising, visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/suzanneleishman.