Falkirk fundraiser floored by the weather

Weather hit  high street charity event
Weather hit high street charity event

Driving rain and high winds washed out the town’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

The atrocious weather left the organisers with no choice but to scrap the annual Charities Day due to be held in Falkirk last Saturday.

The bad news left dozens of volunteers who had been ready to man over 40 good-cause stalls ‘high and dry’ – and ruined the celebrations which had been planned to mark the money-making event’s 10th birthday.

Arrangements are now being made to stage it sometime next month.

Alastair Mitchell of business support group Falkirk Delivers, worked with the Rotary Club of Falkirk to organise a day which has raised “tens of thousands” of pounds for good causes over the years.

He said: “We had been following the weather forecast during the course of last week and unfortunately, as Saturday approached, the picture was only getting worse. By Friday morning we were being told to expect high winds exceeding 35 miles an hour and there were even predictions of thunder storms in the area.

“We can always cope with rain, however high winds are another matter altogether. As in previous years we were expecting the stalls to attract huge crowds and safety became the paramount concern.

“After it became clear what the weather was likely to be like on Saturday, we consulted with the Rotary Club and agreed the only sensible and safe thing to do was cancel. It was a huge decision to take, but the right one.

“We spent most of Friday contacting as many of the organisations as possible to explain the situation and let as many people as possible know it was off. They were all very disappointed, but very understanding as well. Now the intention is to reach agreement with the council about holding it on a Saturday in September. It’s too important a day for everyone involved not to make sure it goes ahead.”