Falkirk film company hoping to take movies to next level

Simon Jake Gillespie (left), actor Eve Summers and sound director Barry Frame at last week's premiere. Picture Alan Murray
Simon Jake Gillespie (left), actor Eve Summers and sound director Barry Frame at last week's premiere. Picture Alan Murray

A local film company is planning another screening of its latest movie after the roaring success of a private viewing at Falkirk Cineworld last week.

Haggis Western Films packed out two screens at the cinema for a sneak preview of fourth movie The Last Love Letter before taking the feature on the road to film festivals.

Love Letter is the first of a trilogy written and directed by Simon Jake Gillespie who also stars as the main character Steve Brody who descends into a violent underworld when his past catches up with him.

There was standing room only in the foyer last Thursday for the viewing and the reviews from the audience has inspired Haggis Westerns to take their production forward.

Simon (41), a sales rep by day from Brightons, said: “The feedback we’ve had about the film has been amazing so we are in talks now about a another showing in February with Cineworld manager Graeme Murray, who we can’t thank enough for his support.

“We are hoping to take the movie to film festivals and hopefully we can attract some funding for a movie budget that will help take our productions to the next level.

“We don’t want money for ourselves, we love doing what we do and are very passionate about filmmaking, but we’d like to have a budget to pay the other cast members who give up their time for nothing, we are hugely indebted to them, and use some for other production costs that will improve our films.

“It took two years to put The Last Love Letter together and with some support for local filmmaking, we could maybe make films quicker and get the trilogy finished.”

Performance to be proud of from a great cast of characters

Main cast of The Last Love Letter: Kim Shepherd as Joan; Alan McNeil as Hernandes; Jacqueline Walker (Emily Brody); Iona Turnbull (the Seductress); Craig Seath (John Abbott); Erin Kelly (Jennifer); Alison Denham (Rachel); Leanne Walker (Susan); Rosie Willis (Alison); Ian Leslie (Jim); Scott Gillespie; Rio Brady; Alia E Torri; Jasmine Davies; Eve Summers; Chris Scott; Scott McNeil; Simon and Scott Ross; Ashley McGregor; Tori McCulloch; Jimmy Frame; Lesley Fletcher; Barry Frame; Linzi Bayne; Stuart Hall; Simon Jake; and the late Oweni O’Hanlon. Children: Daniel Gray; Abigail Comrie; Jennifer Elaine Ball; Cameron Mercer; Mark Riley; Chloe Walker.

Title theme tune performed by Dionne Hickey.