Falkirk drinkers warned over social media game

Health chiefs warn NekNomination could have dangerous concequences
Health chiefs warn NekNomination could have dangerous concequences

Health bosses have slammed anew social media drinking game as ‘‘dangerous’ and carrying ‘‘serious health risks’’.

NekNomination has exploded in popularity in the past week.

The game encourages people to down an alcoholic drink in one and then post the video on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. It was linked to the deaths of two young men in Ireland at the weekend.

Participants try to out-do one another by taking part in fancy dress, while carrying out a stunt or by adding things like chillies to their drink.

After taking part, the drinker nominates two friends to do the same within 24 hours.

Hundreds of videos have been uploaded in recent days of people of all ages from across Scotland taking part.

Elaine Lawlor, Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership co-ordinator, warned: “Drinking large volumes of alcohol in a short space of time is very dangerous.

“We would call on people not to participate in this ‘game’ and to protect their friends from the serious risks associated with it by not nominating them to take part.”

Tommy Hamilton (32) owns the Songbird pub in Dunipace and has been nominated to take part at least half a dozen times by online friends. He branded the game as ‘‘the height of stupidity’’.

“NekNomination has exploded over the weekend on Facebook,’’ he said. ‘‘People are trying to out-do each other, and it’s not just youngsters – there are plenty of people old enough to know better taking part.

“A friend of mine drank a pint of gin for his nomination and I saw a video of a girl downing a drink on someone’s grave.

“It won’t seem so funny when they are in hospital getting their stomach pumped.”