Falkirk downsize scheme ‘will work given time’

Tenants being encouraged to downsize
Tenants being encouraged to downsize
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The councillor in charge of the plan to encourage tenants to downsize has defended the progress it has made so far.

Councillor Gerry Goldie, convener of Falkirk Council’s housing committee, responded to claims that ‘red tape’ is frustrating householders keen to make the switch.

He said: “The tenants incentive scheme is a positive
 initiative which sees the council committing significant funds to encourage anyone living in larger properties which are now too large for them to move to smaller houses.

“As well as a grant, the scheme offers practical help to movers. Officers within the housing service are providing those who have registered for housing with advice. The council’s allocations policy already gives tenants who are under-occupying their property the highest Band 1 priority to help them secure a smaller property, however, some people require financial and other assistance to move.

“The time someone has to wait before they will be offered a move depends on various factors, but since its launch on April 1 we have already assisted two tenants with a move which, given the lack of vacant properties and the number of people waiting to be housed, is a great success. We anticipate this will be a very successful scheme and it’s far too early to suggest otherwise.”