Falkirk district residents without gas supply to receive compensation

Falkirk district residents are to receive compensation for the time they have been without their gas supply.

The news comes as gas distributor SGN says more than 5000 homes have now been reconnected to the supply following the outage which began on Sunday morning.

Engineers are working to reconnect the supply of gas to all the affected properties.  Pic: Michael Gillen.

Engineers are working to reconnect the supply of gas to all the affected properties. Pic: Michael Gillen.

The compensation payments have been agreed with the energy regulator Ofgem.

In its latest update, SGN said: “If you’re without gas for over 24 hours, you will receive £30 compensation per household for each complete 24-hour period you had no gas.

“This compensation is paid through your supplier and will appear as a credit on your next bill.

“In recognition of the severe weather that occurred in the first 24 hours of this incident and the additional electricity you may have used to heat your home, we would also like to compensate you with an additional payment of £30 as a gesture of goodwill.

“This will be paid along with the above through your gas supplier.”

Residents do not need to apply for compensation as it will be paid automatically.

SGN added: “If you’re not sure who your supplier is, you can find their name on the top of your gas bill.

“It usually takes four to five weeks for your compensation to be processed.

“However, it can sometimes take up to three months to show on your account, depending on your supplier’s billing cycle.”

Engineers are continuing to visit all of the affected homes in Bainsford, Carron, Carronshore, Larbert, Langlees, New Carron Village, Skinflats and Stenhousemuir to reconnect their supply.

They require access to the property to reconnect the supply and carry out safety checks.

Residents are reminded that it’s important they don’t try to turn on their gas supply themselves.

However SGN say if you’re not in when they call to turn it back on, they will leave their details and return as soon as they can.

If anyone has any issues with their gas appliances after the supply is restored they should visit the SGN team at Camelon Community Centre for help.

SGN added: “We’re being supported by our local authority partners to ensure that we’re able to get gas supplies onto the most vulnerable households as a priority.

“Thank you to all our partners in the local community for the help you’re giving both us and affected residents.”