Falkirk date for charity which offers ace advice on homes

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A housing charity which gives key advice to people who can struggle to find “the right house in the right place” is visiting Falkirk this month.

Housing Options Scotland (HOS) is holding a free drop-in event on Tuesday, July 31 at Falkirk Trinity Church, with the aim of giving housing information, advice and support to disabled people, older people, disabled veterans and those who support them.

Also at the session, which runs from 10 till 3pm, will be a number local and national organisations who also work with these groups.

Moira Bayne, the charity’s chief executive, said those who attend will be able to speak face to face about their situation with trained professionals and trained peer support volunteers who have been through the journey of trying to find the right house in the right place themselves.

They will also have the opportunity to speak to local and national organisations who work with disabled people, older people, disabled veterans and those who support them.

Housing Options Scotland has helped thousands of people since its creation in 1997.

One woman who benefited, Margaret Follon, was so impressed by the charity she went on to become its chairwoman.

She contacted the organisation in 2011 seeking help with her housing situation as she was stuck in hospital after major surgery on her spine.

She said: “After nine months in hospital I was facing the prospect of being discharged to my third storey tenement flat with no prospect of returning to work.

“HOS helped me find the accessible bungalow I now live in which enabled me to return to work for four years and enjoy my retirement living a fully independent life.”

Now she says she wants to help others by sharing her experience and showing them that accessible housing is “available to anyone”.

To book yourself a place at this event and to find out more, follow the link https://bit.ly/2LdTdjc.

For more information about Housing Options Scotland, visit www.housingoptionsscotland.org.uk or phone 0131 247 1400.