Falkirk dad helps deliver baby as bath brings on birth

The Hunter family celebrate the arrival of their latest addition, little Brody
The Hunter family celebrate the arrival of their latest addition, little Brody

A relaxing bath turned into an emergency delivery for the Hunter family.

Mum-to-be Danielle was four days overdue last Wednesday and had just started having contractions when she decided to have a bath in an attempt to move things along.

However, after just minutes in the tub, baby Brody chose to enter the world, meaning dad Gary had to act as midwife.

Gary (34), from Falkirk, said: “I was in a blind panic - I genuinely don’t remember anything apart from being told get towels and thinking but all the towels are white. And after he was delivered thinking what on earth will we cut the cord with.”

Luckily, the emergency services arrived minutes later and took the family to hospital to be checked over.

Danielle (28), who works at Prudential in Stirling, explained: “With our first son Jackson I was in hospital for 15 hours and had an epidural and every drug going - this time I wanted to try to stay at home as long as possible and avoid an epidural.

“I’d also been in hospital a lot throughout the pregnancy with broken ribs and just about everything else so really wanted to hold off going in for as long as possible.

“When my contractions started at 8 a.m. I used my birthing ball and then ran a bath. I thought I’d still have hours but then the contractions got worse really quickly.”

Danielle shouted on Gary, who works at Ineos but luckily was off that day, for help and he called 999.

“I thought Danielle was exaggerating how far along she was but then the emergency operator told me to look for a head and I could see it. I knew there was no way we were making it to the hospital and I was going to have to deliver the baby.”

The operator gave Gary instructions and minutes later, at 1.08 p.m. on April 25 Brody Robert Hunter arrived.

Danielle said: “Immediately after I felt fine and just wanted to stay at home. I’d definitely have an at home birth again - just next time it would be a planned one!”

Brody is the little brother of Jackson (5), who is in P1 at St Francis Primary School.

He said: “I thought when I went to school that day I’d finish school a big brother and I did. I like helping with Brody and watching him sleep.”