Falkirk dad and his lad still rockin’ to Quo

Stewart and Ross are looking forward to their 50th Quo gig
Stewart and Ross are looking forward to their 50th Quo gig

Many fathers and sons share a hobby - football, fishing, golfing ... or rocking all over the UK to Status Quo.

Falkirk man Stewart Melville and his son Ross will be attending their 50th Status Quo gig on Sunday, when the veteran rock ’n’ rollers take to the stage at Falkirk Stadium.

Ross (35) said: “I had a Walkman when I was about eight or nine and the only tapes I had for it were my dad’s Quo albums.”

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From their very first gig together at Glasgow’s SECC back in 1992 the duo were hooked.

“As soon as we went we knew we would be back, it’s like a drug,” said Ross.

From that day on the Melville men took any opportunity to see the denim-clad, guitar-brandishing boogie boys.

Stewart (71) said: “We’ve seen them everywhere from London to Inverness, even saw them play with The Beach Boys at Brixton in 1996.

“The best sound quality we ever experienced was Newcastle City Hall in 2008, but the best gig was the last one we went to in Glasgow with all the old band back together again.

“Having Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan back really drove Francis and Rick to play harder.”

“I had never cried so much since my wedding,” grinned Ross.

Long-standing Quo fan Stewart’s rock ’n’ roll credentials are assured thanks to his early career as a bouncer in Edinburgh.

“I was a bouncer for the The Beatles when they played the Regal Cinema and did such a good job they got me back for the Rolling Stones.”

Quo obviously runs in the Melville family blood. When Ross asked 14-month-old daughter Eva “Caroline” Melville who the best rock ’n’ roll band in the world were, she only had one wee word to say: “Quo.”

For the record Ross listed his top three Quo songs as ‘Big Fat Mama’, ‘Rain’ and ‘4500 Times’ while Stewart picked ‘Wild Side of Life’, ‘Down, Down’ and ‘Caroline’.

“My dad’s my best pal and we both love Quo so we’re going to keep seeing them together for as long as we can,” said Ross.

“I said six years ago that would be my last gig,” admitted Stewart. “But I’m still going.”

The father and son’s funniest gig-going moment happened at a Quo concert back in 1999, when Stewart got tired of the mosh pit shenanigans and, wearing his official-looking Status Quo polo shirt, stood back beside the sound man.

“This woman came up and asked me if she could meet Francis Rossi,” said Stewart. “She must have thought I was one of the road crew.”

And did Stewart quickly correct her mistake?

“I told her I would see what I could do,” he laughed. “For all I know she’s probably still standing there waiting.”