Falkirk course proves real confidence builder

Sharon Fish and daughter Neive
Sharon Fish and daughter Neive
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A new course is giving single parents the confidence and the skills they need to go out and land a good job.

The Lone Parent Employability Programme, run by the Falkirk FC Community Foundation, has the main goal of getting people into work, but employs a wide range of techniques and strategies to achieve this result.

A Community Foundation spokeswoman said: “Our community football programme provides a fun and nurturing environment for children and young people to develop their skills.

“Meanwhile, our social programmes increase confidence and self-esteem, improve health and well-being and increase people’s employability and life skills.

“Our lone parent programme allows those eligible to participate in a programme at Falkirk Football Stadium to work on overcoming their 
individual barriers to employment.”

Sharon Fish (40) is just one person the course has helped.

Living with eight-year-old daughter Neive, Sharon admitted before the course she rarely left her home in Keir Hardie Avenue, Laurieston, let alone looked for some form of employment.

She said: “It did such a lot for me and was great for my confidence. They helped me become a better parent and a better person.

“They went through things like interview techniques, filling out your CV and all of that, but they also took time out to talk to me about my family.

“I’ve now had a few interviews that I probably wouldn’t have got before I did this course. I’m a totally different person now. Going down there every week and talking to 
people who are in the same 
situation as me has been a great help.”