Falkirk couple celebrate diamond wedding

Diamond wedding couple Harley and Anne Marshall
Diamond wedding couple Harley and Anne Marshall

It was a special double celebration for a couple marking their diamond wedding anniversary last month.

Harley and Anne Marshall invited family and friends to their house in Windsor Road, Falkirk for the milestone and for Anne’s 82nd birthday.

The couple were married in Falkirk’s St James Church on September 17, 1955 just after 20-year-old Harley returned from two years of national service in Hong Kong.

Harley (82) said: “We knew we would still be together, but you don’t think it will be for as long as 60 years. I mean my dad died when he was only in his 40s.”

The couple met at the dancing in Falkirk Ice Rink – the same venue where they would hold their wedding reception a few years later - and hit it off immediately. They were married shortly after Harley’s national service, raising their daughter Lorna (54) in Falkirk.

Harley worked in the office of John Stein’s Brickworks, which later became Hepworth Refractories, while Anne had a job with W. Alexander & Sons.

“We had friends round on Thursday for our anniversary and Anne’s birthday,” said Harley. “Then we enjoyed a bigger celebration at the Powfoulis Manor House Hotel at the weekend.

“It was a ten-year-old booking – we made it straight after we celebrated our golden wedding there.”