Falkirk councillors say fracking info needed

Baillie Billy Buchanan
Baillie Billy Buchanan
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Councillors have been warned more information on coal bed methane extraction by the controversial “fracking” process would be needed before any local planning permission is granted.

Falkirk Council’s planning commitee convener Baillie Billy Buchanan and SNP Councillor John McNally attended a conference in London to discuss the impact on the environment of hydraulic fracturing to produce natural gas.

Baillie Buchanan told the council at the last meeting last month: “It was an eye-opener in many respects. We have to organise an in-house seminar to look at this because at the moment there is no-one on the planning committee in a position to take an informed decision.”

Councillor McNally said: “Westminster intends to railroad through legislation. Some of the claims made were outlandish and made it clear there are many issues we need to look at. There has to be proper consultation with the Scottish Government and there should be no rush to develop this form of extraction until all possibilities have been fully investigated.”