Falkirk councillor’s foul-mouthed outburst at Sheridan independence meeting

Falkirk Council Leader Craig Martin said Mr McCabe's remarks are "disgraceful". PICTURE: Michael Gillen (123739)
Falkirk Council Leader Craig Martin said Mr McCabe's remarks are "disgraceful". PICTURE: Michael Gillen (123739)

A controversial councillor has landed in hot water after calling Falkirk Council “b*****ds” at pro-independence meeting.

Denny and Banknock councillor Brian McCabe made the remark in the Songbird Bar in Dunipace last Thursday when he chaired a meeting featuring former MSP Tommy Sheridan.

After Mr Sheridan cites the Labi Siffre song ‘Something Inside So Strong’ as inspiration for his work, Mr McCabe reveals he listens to it at council meetings.

In the video, which had been posted on Youtube and Mr McCabe’s own Facebook page, he adds: “Any time there is a council meeting, Falkirk Council, I have that on my iPod and I stick it on.

“And I’m feeling like s**t because I’m going in to face these b*****ds, fighting for Denny, knowing that things are not going to happen and what do I do? I play it!

“The higher you build your barriers the taller I become and I stick my chest out and walk in like Tommy Sheridan and I just face everybody down. Seriously, I’m quite inspired by what Tommy has just said there.”

It is unclear whether Mr McMcabe is aiming the remarks at Falkirk Council as an institution or at the ruling Labour administration, but the incident has sparked fury among councillors who are demanding an apology and his resignation.

Council leader Councillor Craig Martin, who has seen the video, said: “This is absolutely disgraceful. Never in my life have I heard of an elected member behaving like that in public.

“He should now consider his position and apologise to all elected members of Falkirk Council – of which he is one – the staff here and the people of Falkirk.

“He has treated the Councillors’ Code of Conduct with utter disdain with his despicable actions. That word is disgraceful to use at any time.

“If a council employee did anything like that they would face severe disciplinary action. We have a ‘Dignity at Work’ policy here and will look at his comments in relation to this.”

Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan says he has made a formal complaint to police regarding the remark, which he called “shocking”, and is also calling for Mr McCabe’s resignation.

He said: “He is a member of Falkirk Council and to use this kind of language at a public meeting is quite shocking. He must now resign. He has nowhere to hide.”

Mr McCabe refused to comment when contacted by The Falkirk Herald.