Falkirk Council vow to work together on Ineos crisis

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All members of Falkirk Council are united in the fight to keep Ineos’ Grangemouth petrochemical plant open.

At a special meeting this morning both the administration and the opposition made a commitment to working together in a cross party task force set up to take action on issues surrounding the situation at Ineos and yesterday’s announcement about the closure of the petrochemical plant.

Council leader Craig Martin said: “That complex in Grangemouth is the beating heart of Scottish industry and just like a real heart, if you stop it that means the arteries will be cut off too. In this case that means local business that rely on the site.

“Our task group will include cross party membership and we have invited local MPs and MSPs and business representatives in the area to get on board. We will work together and do anything we can to save the plant and the future of Grangemouth.”

SNP Group leader Cecil Meiklejohn said she was 100 per cent behind the administration on this matter.

She added: “We hope we can speak as one voice to support the community and work towards a resolution on this.”

Councillor Robert Spears, local Grangemouth member, said: “This is about the future of our district and if we don’t pull together now we will be forever judged on this.” Another local member, Councillor Joan Paterson admitted she actually cried when she heard the news of the plant closure.

Councillor Dennis Goldie said any closure at Ineos would have a knock on effect at Forth Ports, who were already feeling the pressure with plans for a container terminal in Rosyth being backed by the Scottish Government.

Responding to news Ineos and union Unite were now in talks, council members said they were “hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst”.