Falkirk Council to curb parking problems at Polmont train station

Falkirk Council is set to introduce double yellow lines to stop commuters 'abandoning' cars near Polmont train station
Falkirk Council is set to introduce double yellow lines to stop commuters 'abandoning' cars near Polmont train station

The council is planning to put double yellow lines on streets near a train station to stop commuters blocking up roads.

The nine-month closure of Station Road in Polmont by Network Rail to replace the bridge deck for the EGIP works caused a significant amount of increased parking on streets surrounding the train station.

However, since the re-opening of the road two weeks ago, commuters are still clogging up roads causing a headache for neighbouring residents who say cars being “abandoned” and forcing buses to mount pavements to avoid them, according to one resident who has asked not to be named.

Falkirk Council promoted a traffic order in 2010 at the location for the introduction of yellow lines, but it was met with objections and the plan was scrapped, but following a raft of complaints this year the proposal is back on the table.

Councillor Malcolm Nicol said: “I have asked roads to resurrect the scheme, and they have agreed, in the hope that this time local residents see the problems caused by the parking in Station Road and do not make any objections.

“This could take six months so I would like the police, who are responsible for parking, to advise people to be considerate and not park in this way in the meantime.”

A council spokesman said: “We are now progressing with a new traffic order to implement waiting restrictions at this location in the form of double yellow lines, which may take up to six months, due to the necessary legal process. In the meantime we would remind drivers to park safely and with consideration for others.”

Sergeant Lyne Rushford said police had received a number of complaints from residents and community officers have been deployed at the station to assess the parking, but no offences had been committed.

Wedding bells ring in new bridge

Wedding bells rang out at the re-opening of Station Road as a groom’s car was the first to pass over the bridge.

A ceremony was arranged by Network Rail to re-open the bridge on Friday, October 23 without much fanfare, but Andrew and Joanne Grainger changed that.

After worrying if there would be a diversion for her guests to the wedding service in Brightons Parish Church, Joanne, nee Inglis, from Polmont, contacted Network Rail to enquire.

Community Liaison manager Kirsty McKay then decided to make sure the wedding cars were first over the new bridge. As is custom, the blushing was fashionably late and groom Andrew’s car did the honours to add a nice touch to their perfect day.