Falkirk Council ready to tackle out-of-control dogs

Action can be taken if dogs are out of control in public
Action can be taken if dogs are out of control in public

Dog owners who fail to control their pets are facing tougher penalties

Falkirk Council’s community safety team has new powers to deal with the problem, which could land irresponsible owers with a hefty fine.

Two members are now authorised to issue control notices if a dog is causing problems in a public place.

Councillor Craig R. Martin, convener of environment and community safety said: “Anti-social behaviour of any type will not be tolerated in our local communities.

“Dogs who are out of control can be a nuisance but they are also a threat to public safety.

‘‘Dog owners will now be held to account for allowing their dogs to become out of control in public places.”

Two control notices have been issued in the last few weeks.

They can include an order to muzzle a dog when in public, put it on a leash no longer than two metres or keep a it away from a specific place.

All dogs must be micro chipped within 14 days of receiving a notice and non compliance could result in a substantial fine.