Falkirk club gears up to launch cycle project

The cycle group from Caledonia Clubhouse ger on their bikes
The cycle group from Caledonia Clubhouse ger on their bikes

Members of a local club for people with mental health issues used the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week to promote their latest project.

Caledonia Clubhouse worked through the summer to set up its own cycle group. Members built a workshop at their base in Etna Road and received training on how to maintain and repair their bikes and lead cycle trips around the district.

As well as improving their mental wellbeing, members have got a lot fitter too!

Last Wednesday to mark the nationwide start of Mental Health Awareness Week, they were part of an informal drop-in event at Callendar House supported by organisations and agencies offering information on mental health.

Dawson Bike Club’s ‘Dr Bike’ was there to check the condition of their bikes as well!

The aim of the week is to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health and support those who suffer from issues.

Since 2000 Caledonia Club House has been a haven for people with long term mental health problems, a place where they can meet others facing similar challenges and work together to find ways through. Funded jointly by Falkirk Council and NHS Forth Valley, it now has over 125 members.

Councillor Linda Gow, spokesperson for health and social care, said: “Caledonia Clubhouse is a great facility where people with mental health issues can get together and provide peer support. As a club built from the ground up, it is a wonderful example of how a facility like this can empower members by helping build confidence and develop practical skills.

“As we have over 500 kilometres of shared-use paths in the district the cycle group also have plenty of routes to choose from and enjoy.”