Falkirk businesses asked to be chartpickers

Many buildings in Falkirk town centre are of historical importance
Many buildings in Falkirk town centre are of historical importance
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Shopkeepers and business owners in the heart of Falkirk will be encouraged to paint the town ... but probably not red.

A new Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP) will give guidance on how the historic town centre is to be maintained and enhanced.

The document had to be produced as a condition of the grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a Townscape Heritage Initiative scheme to conserve the area.

A second stage bid to carry out further work is currently being considered.

The document provides “detailed guidance to property owners, occupiers and their agents on the local and national planning policies and procedures to be followed when making alterations to land and premises in the conservation area”.

Rhona Geisler, director of development services, said: “It it great to have the Townscape Heritage Initiative support for Falkirk which will allow us to look after the wealth of historic buildings and we look forward to the businesses getting involved.”

Councillor Adrian Mahoney said a similar project in Bo’ness had provided owners of buildings with an approved list of paint colours for people to use which, it they chose one, would negate the need to put in a planning application to change either the colour of a building or its paintwork.

He said: “We want to do everything possible to encourage people to look after their properties and if there was a selection of approved paint it would be helpful.”

It was agreed to take this on board.