Falkirk burger van boss says: "You're blocking my business"

A BIG business is threatening the future of a little business it has been claimed.

Snack bar boss Nancy Thomson says trade at the Wee Brunch in Kemper

Avenue in Falkirk has slumped since the Lidl store nearby erected a huge

advertising hoarding right in front of her van.

Nancy (54) depends on the business she ploughed her life savings into two years ago to make a living, but sales have been hit badly since the sign promoting the store's 'Best Buys' went up because it is so big

shoppers cannot see she is there.

She pays rent to Falkirk Council for her pitch in the public car park next door and is angry Lidl did not need planning permission for the 15ft by 12ft sign that dwarfs her hot food takeaway.

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