Falkirk Brexit supporters stress ‘positive message’

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A number of Falkirk voters have joined a new pro-Brexit pressure group aiming to form a new Falkirk constituency group to “spread the positive message” about quitting the EU.

Scots for Leave says its message is crucial at a time when Remain-supporting groups across the country are pushing for a second vote on the UK’s EU membership.

A Scots for Leave representative said: “During the EU referendum in 2016, Brexit had no major support from Scotland’s political parties, even though over a million of us voted Leave. It’s time to change that.

“With campaigns endlessly pushing for another vote on Brexit, we believe that politicians should respect the vote, and work together to take us out of the EU as we chose to do in 2016.

“Our group consists of people from all political parties and none, united in believing in Brexit and wanting to take back control of 100% of our laws, money, and borders.

“We’ll be on the doorsteps spreading that message”.