Falkirk Ben Nevis challenge for women only

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Women who want to go up in the world are being encouraged to sign up for a hiking challenge to raise funds for a Falkirk charity.

‘No Men Nevis’ will see hundreds of local women climb Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in the UK – on July 17 to raise funds for Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH).

Tommy Hamilton

Tommy Hamilton

It follows a similar fundraiser in 2013 when £7000 was raised by the Yorkie Boys Ben Nevis Challenge.

But this year, there’s one obvious difference.

The event’s organiser Tommy Hamilton, former owner of Denny’s Songbird bar, said: “A lot of ladies weren’t impressed by the men-only tag for our challenge in 2013 so I promised to do a female-only one too.

“This one is called No Men Nevis - my good friend Paul Keenan who helps me with the charity work came up with the name.

“I think my main goal has been to raise awareness of FDAMH to let people know that there is somewhere to go if they need help.”

Tommy started to raise money for FDAMH after he lost friends to suicide.

He added: “Some were local lads and some were friends from the Army.

“Afterwards it was clear that they never really knew where to turn when they felt under pressure - people can be scared to ask friends or family for help.

“I’d never heard of FDAMH but when one of my best friends passed I decided to do some research and the fundraiser.”

Stuart McCallum, FDAMH’s fundraising manager said: “This is the biggest community funding event we have ever been involved in and we are thrilled that local people such as Tommy and his friends are encouraging lots of ladies to take up his challenge.

“As a charity every pound is so precious helping us to support over 2200 adults and families every year.”

Sign up now and raise some cash

Registration is £20 and women must be 16 or over, with 16 and 17-year-olds being accompanied by an adult.

Participants must be fit enough to hike to the summit of Ben Nevis and back and promise to raise at least £100 for FDAMH through sponsorship.

Fundraisers will get an event t-shirt and a discount on walking equipment from Falkirk’s Trespass.

Register at www.fdamh.org.uk or visit www.facebook.com/nomennevis.