Falkirk Bairns brave the shave

Lorna Gow
Lorna Gow

Four women from all over Falkirk have braved the clippers in order to raise money for a good cause.

Fiona Rankine, Gillian Bellinton, Christine Mathew and Lorna Gow are all sporting skin heads after shaving their hair for good causes.

Fiona Rankine

Fiona Rankine

Forth Valley College hairdressing student Lorna Gow (42), from Dunipace, donated her blonde locks to the Little Princess Trust and raised money for Macmillan, who were invaluable when her mum was diagnosed with cancer.

Lorna said: “My mum has received fantastic support from Macmillan and I thought this would be an exciting way to make lots of money for an extremely worthy cause. Macmillan do great things and they were always at the end of the phone to help my mum.”

Fiona Rankine, who works at Tesco in Central Retail Park, Falkirk, shaved her head during a night shift at work to help Macmillan.

Fiona had short hair and has embraced having a skinhead hairstyle and intends to keep the length.

Christine Mathew

Christine Mathew

Fiona (49) from Grangemouth, said: “I’m going on a holiday with my husband Kenneth to Eastern Europe and I’ve decided to keep it short for that. It’s so easy to care for, you just need to go over it with the clippers every few weeks.

“Like most people, I’ve lost friends and family to cancer and wanted to do my bit.”

Christine Mathew (54), from Redding, wanted to shave her hair to raise awareness of the deadly disease and show compassion with those who have suffered and battled it.

Along with a group of her supportive friends and family, Christine organised a fundraising night for Breast Cancer Research in the Auld Toll pub in Grangemouth where she had her head shaved in front of hundreds of guests.

On the night there were a host of prizes, sweepstakes for revellers and a few people shaking buckets to raise more than £1000 so far.

Christine said: “I know people who have fought cancer, I think we all do, and I just felt strongly enough to want to do something to raise awareness and money to help fight it.

“I chose to shave my hair off but people with cancer don’t get a choice when they go through their treatment.

“Everyone was so supportive and I’d like to thank them all for all the prizes that were donated, all the donations and all their help in organising the night, which was absolutely brilliant.”

Full-time mum Gillian Bellington from Stenhousemuir shaved her head last week at 1st Klass Barbers in Bainsford.

Mum to Ryan (15), a student at Carrongrange School, Langlees Primary pupils Gabriel (10) and Ty (5) and two-year-old Kas did it to raise money for children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent.

She said: “The money raised will go to help CLIC buy wigs for young cancer patients. If these young children have to deal with having no hair, I decided that I can too.”