Falkirk Bairn is Scotland’s most senior judge

Lord Carloway is Scotland's new Lord President
Lord Carloway is Scotland's new Lord President

A Falkirk Bairn has become Scotland’s most senior judge after being appointed by the Queen as Scotland’s new Lord President.

The Rt Hon Lord Carloway, Colin Sutherland, who was born in Falkirk in 1954 and started his legal career here, will serve as head of Scotland’s judiciary replacing Lord Gill.

As presiding judge of Scotland’s supreme civil and criminal courts, he acts as both Lord President of the Court of Session and the Lord Justice General of the High Court of Justiciary. The Lord President also chairs the Board of the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

The town now has two men in Scotland’s top judiciary posts with Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson serving as the country’s Justice Minister.

Mr Matheson welcomed the appointment this week. He said: “I am delighted that someone from the local area has been appointed as Scotland’s most senior Judge.

“Lord Carloway has a wide breadth of experience in both the civil and criminal law. During his time as Lord Justice Clerk he demonstrated a strong commitment to reform and modernisation of our justice system.

“Under his leadership I am confident that the already substantial improvements to Scotland’s courts will continue.”