Fake cash doing the rounds in Falkirk

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Police are warning the public to watch out for counterfeit cash in circulation in Falkirk.

Fake money has been tendered in shops in Falkirk and Stirling say officers from the Forth Valley Police Division who are advising people who work in shops to check money thoroughly before putting it in the till.

If you do accept counterfeit cash, you will not be refunded for it when you hand it in.

A spokesperson said: “In the run-up to Christmas we would like to remind people to be on the look out for counterfeit currency. This follows a few instances in Falkirk and Stirling where counterfeit notes were tendered in shops.

“If your job involves handling money then we would ask you to be alert and ensure notes are checked.”

The Committee of Scottish Bankers say counterfeit notes are valueless. If you have a note that you believe to be counterfeit, and you are sure who gave you the note, you should take it to the police straight away for investigation purposes.

If you have no knowledge of who gave you the note you are required to take it to any local branch of the bank of issue where a Retention of Counterfeit Currency Form will be completed – a copy will be given to you for records.

The Bank will retain the counterfeit note for recording and destruction purposes and you would only be reimbursed for the value of the note if it is subsequently found to be genuine.

The organisation is reminding people it is a criminal offence to knowingly hold or to pass a counterfeit note.

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