Extra cash on table if binmen sign deal

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BINMEN will earn at least £4000 a year more if they agree to job cuts and a 42-hour week.

The offer would see basic pay for bottom-of-the-grade loaders rocket by £4162 and for senior drivers by £5124.

In return they will give up their 37.5 hour week and agree to around 13 redundancies.

The deal will also include changes to working methods which will see every bin emptied on time, spillages cleaned up, and bins put back in the right place.

Bins that are overfull and have black bags of rubbish left on top will also no longer be ignored.

The deal from Falkirk Council has been on the table since last September but has still to be agreed by the GMB and Unite unions.

It is understood the bumper package has caused a split between refuse collection crews.

It has been claimed that, while some are determined to reject the package others are keen to strike a deal.

One worker who showed The Falkirk Herald details of the offer, which would see a top-of-the grade driver earn over £25,000, claimed: “Some used to earn an extra £150 a week in overtime and bonus payments.

‘‘When equal pay was introduced in 2007 that money disappeared and now they are earning £7 an hour and have never been happy with that.

“Between 10 and 15 men could be paid off, starting with the 10 who have been on temporary contracts for the last two years, but they have familes to look after and bills to pay as well.”

On Wednesday Stuart Ritchie, the council’s director of corporate and neighbourhood services, admitted: “We are looking at a number of options on refuse collection based on beat sizes and consequently the number of staff we will need to deliver the service.

‘‘The intention of the agreement is to ensure that appropriate levels of work are undertaken in recompense for a fully inclusive salary.

‘‘We would be looking at voluntary severance and not renewing temporary contracts when they come to an end.”