Experts look into flooding issues in town

Local authority roads engineers have been working in Grangemouth town centre to alleviate flooding issues.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 1:00 pm
La Port Precinct
La Port Precinct

Following heavy rainfall causing flooding to a section of La Porte Precinct last Wednesday, Councillor Robert Spears brought the matter to Falkirk Council’s attention.

He said: “The excessive ponding in Grangemouth must be addressed so flash floods do not occur. Recent heavy downpours have turned the town into a flood zone. We are a low lying town with a high water table and need a high level of maintenance on our drainage system.”

A council spokesperson said: “We deployed a team to clear water from the thresholds of shops and the walk way and this was done successfully. Following that, a further team attended to investigate the cause of the flooding.

“A blockage was found in the inspection chamber outside the SemiChem shop and this was cleared effectively. Now that the cause of the flooding has been established and rectified, we are confident the problem will not arise again.”