Event to shed light on the unexplained

From UFO sightings, ghostly going-ons and encounters with demons, a day packed with paranormal activity arrives in Falkirk.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 2nd July 2017, 5:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:21 am

The annual Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference will take place at Falkirk Town Hall on Saturday, July 8, taking a look at a variety of weird and wonderful topics.

Organised by Malcolm Robinson, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, the conference will explore mystery sightings and events across the UK and from further afield.

Malcolm, who has written five books on the paranormal, said: “I set up SPI back in 1979 and I was very sceptical then. But it’s like anything in life; once you get your hands dirty and you spend the night in a haunted house or two, you start to think, maybe it’s all true.

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“I’ve had my hair pulled, I’ve been kicked, slapped… by nothing.

“I’ve seen a chest of drawers rise up into the middle of a room, move to the other side then slowly settle down again.

“I just wish sceptics would look at these things with an open mind and weigh up the evidence. The vast majority of UFO stories have natural explanations. It’s only a very small percentage that cannot, at this point, be explained.”

Malcolm will speak on UFO ‘Hot Spots’ from around the world’, discussing those closer to home including Bonnybridge and Dyfed, West Wales.

Following on from these locations, he will then take a look at hot spots such as The Nullabor Plains in Australia, Area 51 in the Nevada Desert, The Mysterious N. Triangle in Russia, the infamous Skinwalker Ranch near Utah and sightings over Mexico and Norway.

Also tackling all things extraterrestial, paranormal researcher Andrew Hennessey presents his findings of the small ex-coal-mining town of Gorebridge, near Edinburgh, which has been the scene of extraordinary UFO activity at least over the last 20 years.

Author Ron Halliday will examine the extent to which the supernatural influenced the lives of the famous and through them influenced world events, while investigator Innes Smith will be looking at how we assess evidence and examines some problems facing the investigator; siting some well-known and little known cases – and inviting all of us to find our own threshold for ‘boggling’ at the evidence.

Also on the bill are mystic Alyson Dunlop who will explore the world of angelic beings, while author Tricia Robertson will discuss the survival of human consciousness after physical death, and spiritualist medium Gary Gray will aim to lift the veil between this material world and the spirit realm.

Malcolm added: “My goal in life is to continue researching cases pertaining to the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal, and hopefully provide some form of answer to account for what at present eludes us.

“At the end of the day, it’s just to let people make up their own minds – and they don’t have to believe a word of it.”

For further information on the conference, visit www.scottishufoandparanormalconference.wordpress.com.