EU nationals’ fear of Brexit exclusion

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Worries by foreign nationals that their UK residency status could be jeopardised by an unknown Brexit future surfaced at a special meeting in Falkirk.

Yet the event, organised by the Central Scotland Regional Equality Council (CSREC) was a highlight of the year for CSREC chairman Michael Guiannandrea.

This is because it illustrated all too clearly how divisiveness can extend beyond the usual serious problems of overt race hate and intolerance to a more insinuous kind of threat.

Many on both sides of the border have spoken of their fears in the wake of the referendum on Europe, a common comment being that they no longer feel secure or even welcome in the UK.

Attended by Falkirk MP John McNally and Linlithgow and East Falkirk MP Martyn Day the session, in Trinity Church hall, gave EU people living locally the chance to voice their concerns about their wellbeing in the chaotic aftermath of the vote,

Another significant effent for the CSREC chairman has been an interfaith seminar titled “A Scotland without prejudice”, staged in Edinburgh by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Scotland.

He said: “Both of these events covered and highlighted the main areas of our work, fighting

discrimination and promoting community cohesion.

It was encouraging to note and report on the work that CSREC was carrying out to promote the exchange of cultural ideas and understanding between people of different beliefs and identities, and our work towards the elimination of hate crime – and to be assured this was very much in the forefront of the Government’s agenda.”

He added: “I fully realise that there are tough times ahead, but I feel that we, at

CSREC, are building a good team and are developing relationships which can only

benefit those people in our communities who are most vulnerable and most in need of

our help.

“I look forward to our future with some trepidation, but with a lot of hope.”

Challenges are there to be faced and overcome and turned into opportunities for


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