Nappy uplift scheme is a flop says family

Daniel and Stephanie have been forced to store baby Kian's nappies in their brown bin
Daniel and Stephanie have been forced to store baby Kian's nappies in their brown bin

Changes to the council’s recycling and waste collection timetable has hit a ‘bum’ note with a young family.

Daniel Louden and his partner Stephanie Stirling have a young son Kian who, at just over eight months old, is doing everything a baby of that age is expected to do – including filling a lot of nappies!

Up until the start of the month that was not a problem for the happy couple.

The recycling conscious mum and dad would simply drop the disposables used by their boy into the green bin for collection every three weeks.

But the introduction of the four-week uplift of household waste that cannot be recycled – which includes disposable nappies and incontinence products – has caused them problems.

The council recognised there might be issues following the switch and introduced an additional collection service for absorbent hygiene products (AHP) to help.

It offers households the chance to apply for special white bags which can be left on the pavement for collection every fortnight.

Given their green bin was always full, the couple were keen to take advantage of the offer, and the bags were delivered to their home in Brooke Street, Grangemouth, in good time.

The problem is that, since the launch of the service on October 3, they have yet to have any collected and are now being forced to use their brown bin to store Kian’s used nappies outside.

Daniel (20) said: “We’re keen to recycle properly and make sure waste for landfill goes in the green bin. Stephanie is always on at me to make sure I put the right things in the right bin.

“Between the usual stuff and Kian’s nappies our green bin was always pretty full so we thought the new service would be the answer.

“We were not ready for the first uplift on October 3, so I put two bags outside for collection on October 17, but no-one came. When I complained to the council I was told to put the bags out on October 21, but again they were not collected. Now the next date is November 4. It’s shocking and meantime the used nappies are piling up.”

A spokesman for Falkirk Council said: “We have around 2000 households using this service at present and monitoring the service to ensure any issues regarding collection are dealt with as soon as possible.

“Householders can store the AHP sacks in their own storage container between collections. For convenience and for those who request one, the council have access to a small supply of containers available to AHP service users to purchase at a minimum charge. Alternatively, there are a number of retailers that also supply containers.”

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