Local hero rescues distressed duck from canal

A still from the video showing Allan Horne rescuing the duckA still from the video showing Allan Horne rescuing the duck
A still from the video showing Allan Horne rescuing the duck
Westport Veterinary Clinic has named Allan Horne as this month’s Local Hero Award Winner for Linlithgow.

Allan was recognised after he rescued a duck that has gotten caught up in plastic and was in distress in Linlithgow Canal.

Lindsay Falconer shared the video of Allan's rescue mission on 'The Real Linlithgow’ Facebook page' where nearly 80 local residents praised Alan for his act of kindness.

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The video also received multiple comments from other residents nominating Allan for a Local Hero Award.

Lindsay said: "My husband had taken our dog Selkie out for his walk when he saw the duck in distress.

"He hurried home to tell me and, armed with scissors, we hurried to see if we could free it.

"Unfortunately it was on the far side of the canal and we couldn’t access the duck from Rosemount Park.

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"We were watching it from the towpath, discussing what to do and wondering if it had, in fact, died when Allan, who was sitting on the bench at the Canal Terrace cottages, joined the conversation..

"To see if the duck had died, he gently threw a stone in its direction and it flapped.

We talked about needing to find someone with a boat to get across, then suddenly Allan stood up, disappeared into his house and came back out having changed.

"He got into the water and swam to the duck – he is definitely a brave man and a loal hero.

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Allan returned to live in Linlithgow this year, having been abroad for many years.

He said: "I noticed the duck when I was walking home along the canal. It was flapping its wings and I could see clearly it was snagged on something.

"I initially tried to reach it from the other side of the canal, but couldnt get across to it, so I just went in the canal and swam over to it.”

Allan said it is the first time he's had to swim in the canal to rescue one of the birds, however has previous experience in the handling of birds from work at the RSPB.

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He also assured us he was unscathed from his stint in the canal water and made sure to keep his mouth shut whilst swimming in it.

To nominate someone for Westport Vet's Local Hero Awards email [email protected]

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