Going Green: Think about how to winterproof your home

When it comes to saving money on energy to heat our homes, one of the biggest changes we can make is insulation. There’s no point upgrading a boiler if your home is leaking out heat through walls, the roof and the floor. You're literally paying to heat the sky In an uninsulated home.
Insulate your loft. Photo: AdobeInsulate your loft. Photo: Adobe
Insulate your loft. Photo: Adobe

Adequately insulated homes could save hundreds of pounds a year in heating costs not to mention hundreds of kg of CO2 emissions a year.

If you’re physically fit and healthy and your loft has easy access and no issues with damp, you could probably have a go at insulting it yourself with adequate advice. There are plenty of other DIY insulation ideas here: https://onehome.org.uk/topics/your-home-topics/energy-saving/six-quick-and-easy-diy-jobs-to-do-around-the-house-to-benefit-you-and-the-planet/

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There are details here about the Great British Insulation Scheme https://onehome.org.uk/topics/your-home-topics/insulation/what-is-the-great-british-insulation-scheme-and-am-i-entitled-to-it/ which is a government subsidised scheme which aims to deliver improvements to energy efficient homes while also tackling fuel poverty and reducing energy bills however, it is only funding home improvements to 100,000 houses a year so make enquiries soon.

If you don’t have carpet on your floor – which is a good insulator, especially if it has underlay – think about getting some big rugs that will keep the floor warmer. You can get floor insulation boards but if you’re not planning to change the flooring you have, these can be expensive whereas rugs can be repurposed or bought second hand and will help.

Doors and windows are often the worst culprits for heat escaping. You can get window insulation film and tape which will make sure windows are more energy efficient without the cost of double glazing. Both solid and cavity walls can be insulated. If your home was built between 1920 and 1990 you could have uninsulated cavity walls. This Is a relatively quick job that comes With a 25 year guarantee. Solid walls can be Insulated either from the Inside, whichh Is cheaper or from the outside too. If you’ve ever seen cladding going up in your local area, it can be in part because it’s an aesthetic choice but it also goes a long way to keeping heat inside a home rather than letting it escape.

There are sometimes grants available for insulation. This can depend on your financial circumstances and who you live with and possibly care for but they can also depend on the property you live in and when it was built. https://www.government-grants.co.uk/home-insulation-grants/free-insulation/ has all the details but it’s worth pursuing it if you think you’re eligible as it could save you a lot of money, both on installation costs of insulation as well as the energy costs going forward.

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In short, the weather has started to get colder and it’s only going to continue, so now’s a great time before the madness of Christmas begins to think about how to winterproof both your home, your energy costs and your finances.

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