Falkirk’s rubbish ideas to reach bin targets

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The row about how to improve household recycling continues with councillors no nearer to reaching agreement.

Residents in Falkirk Council area currently have three bins – green for general waste, blue for recyclables, brown for garden waste, a black box for glass and a food caddy.

But in a bid to reach recycling targets, the local authority is again considering options.

Councillor Paul Garner outlined his idea for a box to collect metals, plastics and cartons, the blue bin for paper and card and the green bin for non-recyclable waste, all to be uplifted monthly.

Another box for glass and textiles and a brown bin for garden and food waste would be collected fortnightly.

Mr Garner said: “Other local authorities have a joint food and garden waste bin. The residents will have the same containers as before which must be of very high quality material.”

Rhona Geisler, director of development services, said:

“We need to agree the proposed recycling method so we can submit our funding application to Zero Waste Management Scotland.”

Councillors decided further meetings will be held before a final decision is made.