Falkirk is now recycling more

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New figures from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency show Falkirk Council’s recycling rate has increased over the last two years.

According to the official household waste statistics, Falkirk generated 74,651 tonnes of waste and recycled 41,728 tonnes, 55.9 per cent, in 2017 – this is compared to the 51.3 per cent recycling rate it achieved in 2016.

By comparison Stirling generated 40,774 tonnes of waste and recycled 22,470 tonnes, a rate of 55.1 per cent, and Clackmannanshire generated 27,201 tonnes of waste and recycled 16,196 tonnes, a rate of 59.5 per cent.

In 2017 there was more Scottish waste recycled, 1.12 million tonnes, than was landfilled, 1.11 million tonnes. The total amount of household waste generated in Scotland in 2017 was 2.46 million tonnes, a decrease of 38,153 tonnes from 2016 – a 45.6 per cent recycling rate compared to the 45.0 per cent.