Falkirk Council misses more than 8000 bin collections

Falkirk Council is piloting a scheme in which green bins will be emptied every three weeks
Falkirk Council is piloting a scheme in which green bins will be emptied every three weeks
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More than 8000 bins were missed during collections by council refuse staff during a 12-month period, leading to 116 complaints.

The statistics were revealed in a Freedom of Information request seen by The Falkirk Herald, at a time when the local authority prepares to introduce plans to uplift green bins every three weeks instead of two.

In 2012/13, 8100 bins were missed, a rate of 224 per 100,000 collections.

In the most recent period in which figures were available, from April - December 2013, 4109 bins were missed, or 149 per 100,000 collections.

Falkirk Council collects more than five million bins each year, and says that more than 99.9 per cent of them are uplifted succesfully.

Councillor Craig R Martin, spokesman for the environment, said: “Relative to the majority of other local authorities, we are providing a more separate recycling collection with Falkirk being one of the few to have fully implemented a weekly food waste collection.

“We believe that communicating the new arrangements to customers is very important and over the next few months, we will be running a massive awareness campaign to keep people informed in the run up to and during the implementation.

“We have also committed, with the support of Zero Waste Scotland, to providing increased resources for this project to ensure we are well placed to answer any concerns residents may have about the proposed changes. Food waste is our biggest obstacle and we look to residents to support us in our attempts to improve recycling in this area especially.

“We continue to have great support from communities in the area with recycling and our aim of meeting national targets set by government.”

Resident concerned about bin changes

A resident in a Grangemouth apartment complex is concerned that the increased number of bins required to cope with a switch to uplifts every three weeks will lead to an increase in vermin.

Alistair Kelly, a merchant seaman who ives in one of the 18 flats in Bryden Court, said: “A greater number of bins left sitting full of rubbish can only spell disaster.”

A Falkirk Council spokesman said the three-week uplift scheme would be “carefully monitored”.