Falkirk Council gets drastic over plastic

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Falkirk Council will lead by example in the fight to rid the area of single use plastic items which continue to harm the environment.

Councillor Laura Murtagh put forward a motion – which was unanimously agreed upon – at Tuesday’s meeting of the executive for the council to commit taking a lead locally in combatting unnecessary plastic pollution.

It also demanded an immediate review to establish where single use disposable plastics, such as plastic straws and hot beverage stirring sticks, are in use across all council facilities and services and, where possible, immediately remove such items.

Councillor Murtagh said: “We can’t afford to hid from this any longer. It’s something we can lead the way on as a council. People in our communities care deeply about the environment and give up their time to help.

“This motion not only calls on the council to take action, but to do it in a meaningful way that will benefit our own citizens, the environment and generations yet to come.”

Council leader Cecil Meiklejohn said: “This is everyone’s responsibility – it’s not any one person or any one organisation’s responsibility. This will benefit our children and our children’s children and guarantee their future.

“It’s about being a little bit bold and a little bit brave and just getting rid of things like plastic cups – just get rid of them. We have water bottles staff could purchase for a pound and, as for visitors to the council, I’m sure we can provide glass glasses for them.”

“If commercial organisations are taking a whole new environmental approach then, as a public body, I think we should doing that as well. As we take a lead on that, momentum will gather and others will follow.”