Falkirk bins: Readers brand changes ‘ridiculous’

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We all have to use them, so it’s no wonder the issue is causing a bit of uproar.

The news this week that Falkirk district residents are to get a new bin has prompted a big reaction on the Falkirk Herald Facebook page - with many unhappy about the change.

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Several residents have questioned where this new bin will go, while others have branded the new system confusing.

Here are some reader reactions.

Can they not put more funding into recycling plants, employing more people to sort the problem out instead of wasting money on more bins and another pick up.

Vicky Dow

Not got a problem with getting another bin as this will help going forward. However, the brown bin being collected every four weeks – will this only be after October? Will be still have a fortnightly collection during the summer months?

Deryk Wilson

If I’m sent another bin, I’ll instruct the council to come an collect it. I have enough on my property and do not want any more. The system is ridiculous now. I’m already considering sending them a bill for storage!

Steve Courtney

For people living in flats, four in a block, we have 12 bins already ... this will now be 16 bins. Is it an option for flats to use/share larger palladin bins?

Lorna Samuel

What will happen with the grey food bin then. The best option is to have a yellow wheelie bin. Moray council are introducing two new wheelie bins by the start of next year one being red the other being yellow.

David Munro

Can they not just give us a split insert for the current bin? I have nowhere to put another bin now. I support needing to split them if it is making recycling properly problematic, but they have to think logistically.

Lee Ovens

Brown bin every four weeks is not good enough as we have loads of trees around and in the Autumn my bin is always full and bursting with leaves after two weeks.

Catherine Moore

Where we will we store this additional bin, the street? We don’t all have large gardens or drives, we are already at over double our bin ‘storage space’ capacity.

Duncan Steele

So it is now time for the council to switch to central trash collection. Similar to Scandinavia. No other option.

Steven Docherty

We probably won’t get it as we had our blue ones removed some time ago. This was because the wrong items were put in but the bins sit unlocked in the street we have no control over who puts what in them. At the moment we only have green ones and I have to give my recycling to a friend to put in his bin when there is room.

Debbie Wright

This is all working so well. That’s why the road to my home in the country is littered with all sorts of rubbish dumped regularly and left to rot.

Fran Barnbrook

Surprised they haven’t done it sooner to be honest, most other local authorities already split the recycling.

Kirsty Macdonald

All moaning but at least they are doing something about the dire situation our planet is in because of the way we have treated it. The facts is that the way we live now is not sustainable. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Kirsty Faulds

It’s the elderly I feel for, they’re bound to be so confused with all this!!

Jan Mitchell