Community watchdog is on SEPA’s case

Councillor Robert Spears
Councillor Robert Spears

Grangemouth Community Council wants SEPA to take more of an active role in protecting the town.

At a meeting of the council last Thursday night, members brought up concerns over unpleasant smells near Asda superstore and this led to complaints the Scottish Environment Protection Agency was not doing all it could be for Grangemouth.

Councillor Robert Spears, who attended the meeting, said: “I think it’s time for SEPA to take this town a bit more seriously. What are they actually doing to protect us? We are a community not just an industrial town.”

SEPA got in touch with the community council stating: “Investigations carried out by our officers have confirmed the source of the odour is not from a SEPA regulated site. We have contacted Forth Ports and there have been some deliveries of fish meal this week, this may account for the fish like odour, with the humid weather contributing to this.”

Members agreed to request SEPA begin looking at better ways to police problems in the area.