Burst pipe and maintenance work affects Falkirk water supply

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Discoloured water has been flowing from taps and showerheads in homes across the Falkirk area.

According to Scottish Water the discoloration is harmless and, now the burst in Kemper Avenue has been repaired, will gradually disappear as the system returns to normal.

However, due to operational activities taking place at Parkhead reservoir, customers in Falkirk, Woodlands, Camelon, Tamfourhill, Bantaskin, Redding and Grangemouth are still experiencing discoloured water.

A squad is on site to flush the mains throughout the day in order to alleviate some of this discolouration. Customers are advised to run just the cold kitchen tap at half pressure until the water stream runs clear.

Scottish Water apologised for the inconvenience caused.

If anyone requires further information or assistance they can call 0845 600 8855.